Minimalism is the Art of “Less”


The minimalist style of photos reflects the “clear picture” feeling, whether it is content or color matching, it will let people feel the beauty and enjoyment. Such as these photos:

The minimalist style of photography is one of the most suitable for photos taken with mobile phones.However, even though a lot of people do such themes, it is not that easy to capture the audience. How to express the ‘minimalist feeling’ with simple elements is probably one of the main challenges of minimalist photography.Don’t be afraid to pay attention to the following core points which may give you some new ideas and breakthroughs in this style of photography.

1. Rule of subtraction: carefully plan and decorate the picture before your start shooting away with your camera. Avoid taking a cluttered picture and then try to fix it later.

Fotor discovered that when we take pictures in our day to day life, many times we will not consider the screen elements of the arrangement. Instead, we often just pick up our mobile phones, hit the shutter and then make whatever adjustments we need at a later time. However, even though we made those late adjustments, we aren’t exactly blown away by our work or even the least bit satisfied. The reason for this, is not because we lack in the editing department but because we didn’t take a good photo. If you take a photograph of a messy scene in a crooked angle, then there’s no way to make it simple and clear. That being said, you have to think about what you want before you shoot, and try to do it as much as you can when you shoot it.

For example, if the screen in front of you can be adjusted, then do so. Take care of subtraction, and remove whatever you don’t need.

2. The style of bright colors mainly depends on the color itself, but try not to include or add too many colors in one scene.

Too many colors will make the whole picture looks messy. So, before we take pictures, we have to think “what’s the main hue of today’s picture?”. Choosing between two and three colors is enough.The most low-key style of color matching has to do with the hue. This can produce a sense of harmony and unity. If you take the same color and coupled it with the depth of the saturation, then you can make a graceful sense of hierarchy.

The simplest way to mix colors is to choose between the three primary colors. Here are the three primary colors – red, yellow, and blue. It can be any two colors of these three primaries. If the brilliance of the colors is consistent, then the tone and style of the picture will be more unified.

If you like the color effect of intense collisions, you can choose complementary colors. The colors that are farthest from the center of the color wheel are called complementary colors. For example, blue and orange, red and green,

Simple elements and color matchings are important to make the picture clear and to emphasize the theme allowing it to truly stand out. So, when taking a picture, you also want to think somewhere along the lines of ‘what do I want to express in the theme?” With the two main points mentioned above, I’m sure you’ll be able to produce very beautiful minimalist pictures.




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