Magic Clipper – Instantly remove photo backgrounds!


Sometimes your photo editing skills limit what you can do with the current photos you have at hand. Let’s say you want to cut out yourself in your Holloween Superman costume and make you flying in the sky, but cutting the exact shape of you can be very annoying and taking hours but only get unsatisfied results. But with Fotor’s Magic Clipper, that will just be done within minutes!

eg Icecream

In just a few clicks, the background of your photo can be transparent! Our Magic Clipper automatically identifies the edges of whatever you want removed. You’ll only need to mark the Retain and Removal areas.


Untitled design (2)

Let’s see how you can get this done.

Step 1: Under Edit module, select Open and upload your image. And choose MAGIC CLIPPER tool under Basic.

Step2: Use Retain Brush to mark the areas you want to keep as displayed in the example photo, and use Removal Brush to mark the areas you want to delete.

Step 3: Zoom in to inspect the results, and apply brushstrokes as necessary.

You can also use Eraser tool to remove excess imagery.

Step 4: When the object you want to retain meets your satisfaction, click Apply to see the results.

Click Save, and select PNG to get a transparent background.

That’s it! And this incredibly easy!

eg pot

Untitled design (2)

You can also use the clipped photos under design!



Try this magical feature now and release your creativity! Happy photo editing!


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Bev Barnett

OMG! Who wrote your opening paragraph on this page?????…..That certainly is no English language that I know of! (sarcasm)

William Hernandez

Wow its really amazing what this tool does and how easy. I always spend so much time in photoshop to clean the background and this tool makes it so easy.


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It seems that the solution is a huge potential in the general field. I think it will be much harder to fix the issues which have details than the image here. I mean isolating things like hair from the complex bg isn’t going to be straightforward.