Why Hire A Professional? Take Your Own Family Portraits This Easter

With spring weather already here and the Easter holiday right around the corner, families are often looking to update their family portraits. You just bought new, matching outfits in adorable pastel colors, so why not document it for the world to see?

While there’s always the option of hiring a professional photographer, some families might opt for saving a few bucks and attempting the photos on their own. A little more patience is required, but it’s not impossible with a few tips and tricks. The best news? All it takes is some good planning. So you’re not an expert photographer. That’s OK. Follow these tips and plan your day out in advance, and you’ll begin to believe you are.


Pick a good location

One of the most important decisions to make when taking family portraits is where to take them. Picking a good location can make all the difference in the final result. Outdoor photos are always better and it allows you to choose a location that fits your style. Parks, bridges, farms or other spaces (even urban settings if you’re feeling daring) create interesting backdrops that automatically elevate the quality of your photos. You can opt to take them at home too, in your own backyard, to make the photos more personal.


Go at the right time of day

Again, one of the biggest components in capturing great photos is good planning. Photos early in the morning or at dusk lend themselves to the best lighting that doesn’t create unwanted shadows. The downside is that early morning and dusk might be the most difficult times of day to corral kids, but just try to avoid the afternoon hours when the sun is straight overhead. If you’re lucky, you might even get a killer sunset.


Take a TON of photos

When shooting families, especially kids, clear the camera card and prepare to take more photos than you ever expected. Once you have the tripod set up and you’re in position, set the camera to automatically take ten to 20 photos at intervals of every few seconds. Your favorite photos will probably be the natural expressions in between posed shots that capture your family’s dynamic and personalities.


Get comfortable

It’s fine if your goal is to take the perfect family photo that looks like the model family in the frame you buy at the store. But don’t stress about capturing that photo. Get comfortable with your family and that photo will happen. You can even bring props – the kids’ favorite toys, blankets, etc – to make the photos more authentic to you. Get dressed up and look your best, but don’t worry if the kids get dirty and their outfits are ruined. Those will probably be your favorite photos.



When all is said and done, touch-up some imperfections with Fotor using the Beauty feature. You can also put several of your favorite photos into a collage and put some text over it to create the perfect card to mail to family and friends. There are also lots of Easter themed content such as stickers, banners and posts for you to further optimize your photos!


Practice makes perfect with photography, so the more you take photos of your family, the better they’ll continue to get. The best photos are the ones that capture you – naturally and in your element.

Happy Easter!

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