The Making of Perfect Travel Photos [with Examples]


Capturing the beauty of your travel is an essential part of immortalizing your memories and feeling on the road. In this new tutorial, we’ll give you some tips and tricks in making those travel shots perfect, turning them into the perfect additions to your photo album with the help of online photo editing.


  • Structure a Composition – Taking the perfect travel shots

So, you’re going on holiday and want to record the best parts of your journey – you better be paying attention to a few key tactics in capturing the essence of your trip. Check out a few key points below:

The essence of any photograph lies it in its structure and composition. Whether you’re seeking to capture something artistic, or just a regular family snap, paying attention to some key points is essential.


The geometric composition of your image will be the single most important visual factor in the feeling it creates. Artistic photographers seek to bend reality with fascinating and thought provoking work while others simply want to ensure ‘the whole family is in one shot’.

When traveling, you should keep this mind as you choose places to shoot and capture – architecture and city-scapes are often the best places to find that unique geometric shot!




In this interesting photo, the photographer uses a line in the middle to divide the picture into two parts.




Here are two other examples of interesting aesthetic compositions. The aerial photo depicts a skewed sense of balance while the image below uses contrasting colours and a contrast of natural and artificial forms to produce a unique effect.

This is not to say that the image is perfect, however. We will experiment with a few modifications to show you how various elements may be highlighted.





After cropping the image, we modified the colour slightly, drawing attention to the foreground.

This photo uses a red and blue colour contrast to bring out the intrinsic beauty of the ocean.





Similarly, these two images contrast white and blue and sea and sky. While the composition may not be perfect, they both capture the movement of the water, creating a feeling of excitement.




  • Maximizing your Basic Editing

With your composition and style sorted, it’s now time to apply some basic edits to your photos. Despite its name, basic editing is anything but basic! A range of different techniques will have your turning your mundane travel shots into something extraordinary.

Not every shot you take will be perfect. Thankfully, with the help of Fotor you can apply some basic edits to bring out the intrinsic character of your shots.




Utilising the golden ratio, you can see how we optimized the horizontal plane for aesthetic appeal. Use Fotor to straighten your photos.




Following this, basic modifications to colour, brightness and contrast are applied.






Fotor’s HDR tool includes a range of advanced HDR technologies, including Alignment, Ghost Reduction, and Local/Global Tone Mapping technology to help you easily produce spectacular images at the fastest speeds available today.




Here are some examples.





-Color Splash

When you want to highlight a particular part of an image at the expense of all else, your only real choice is ‘Colour Splash’. Check out the example below to see how it’s used.






Another way to draw people’s attention to the foreground is by using tilt-shift.

If you want make others focus on the street you can place the brush on the street.




Or if you want to focus on the light, than you can put the line on the light.




  • Optimising your travel photos for social media

Now that you’ve taken and enhanced your shots, you’ll need to change them in a way to maximize their impact and appeal on social media. The following few steps are just scratching the surface of what’s possible at Fotor:


When sending your travel snaps to the family over facebook, using Fotor’s collage feature is an excellent way of experimenting with composition and style.





Like Fotor’s collage, the Design feature will allow for an unprecedented level of creativity as you incorporate you images into some amazing social media posts!





With these simple techniques and tips, you’ll never have a bad trip ever again. Preserving your memories in pristine detail with perfect composition and form will mean that you can re-live your holidays via the images you saved.

Fotor will continue producing informative and interesting blogs and tutorials to assist you on your creative journey!





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