‘Moments with Uber’ Review now out!


Your Road, Our Vision

We humans are mobile creatures. Every day we take the same road to school, work and to visit friends and family. The road may always be the same, but your perspective will not. While your daily route has a beginning and an end, your journey does not. With the finishing of Fotor’s ‘Moments with UBER’, we are delighted to give you a glimpse of the amazing images, ‘on the road’.

Review ● Moments with UBER


Purchased – whisper646
Purchased – Valsplanes
Editor’s Choice – Bing Liang
Editor’s Choice – 陆景玉
Editor’s Choice – 老 丹
Editor’s Choice – MiLi
Editor’s Choice – hopes
Editor’s Choice – ScatterBrain
Editor’s Choice – 桔子-飞
Editor’s Choice – Song Han
Editor’s Choice – viictoria4
Editor’s Choice – Zerry

A Special ‘Thank You’ to Our Users

Within the 9 days the Event was active, we received over 10,000 images, more than 200 of which were selected for the ‘Hot’ section, and 12 were finally selected as finalists.

We at Fotor want to thank everyone who joined and enjoyed our Events, your participation and unique vision is our inspiration!


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