Making the most of Text, Fonts and Color!

Hi guys,

Following some small changes to our ‘Text’ feature on our online Photo Editor, we have decided to provide you with a small blog entry on how to maximize this newly modified feature, lifting your work to even greater levels of creativity!

The first major change relates to font and font selection. Before the changes, simply selecting a different font from the selection panel would automatically change the font within your text box.




Some users however, thought this was a little limiting – ‘what if you want one word to contain multiple fonts?’ we were often asked…




So now in order for you to change the font of your text, you must first select the part of the text you want to change, and then choose a font from the left-hand panel.




The same goes for changing the colour of your text. Simply select the part you wish to change, and then select the color you wish to change it to… simple!




So feel free to try out these new effects and interesting font choices, remember you can highlight your text by imposing it over a box or sticker.


6 5


And that’s it guys! Be sure to keep checking our blogs for more helpful tutorials and competition information!


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adminMaking the most of Text, Fonts and Color!

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  1. Robert Teitel

    My software does not have the size option like you show here. Or the layers option either. Is there an update for these?

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