Life Just Got Easier with Fotor’s Planner

Everyone wants to bring more organization to their lives. We buy planners, we use our phone calendars, we set reminders and we leave notes for ourselves. All of this is to achieve one thing – to make our lives easier.

Fotor’s newest Planner feature aims to do just that. Whatever it is in your life that needs organizing, there is a Fotor Planner page that can help. Check out these templates from Fotor’s professional designers as below:

planner template

Having the pages at your disposal is one thing, but knowing how to create them is another.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Login to Fotor and head to the Design section. Scroll until you find the heading “Documentation” and click on “Planner.”



  • Add your own photos into the template using the toolbar on the righthand side. Click “Image” and “Import” and pull any photo saved to your computer into the template.


  • You can even edit the layout of the templates. Don’t need a certain box? Just delete it. Need more room in another box? Adjust the size to make it fit your needs. The template is a guideline, but the ultimate design decisions are yours.
  • Once your finished tinkering with your template, preview it by clicking the button on the bottom of the screen. If you’re satisfied with the design, save it and you’re done!


A couple more tips for your planner pages:

  • Choose the perfect planner template based on themes and your needs

Regardless of your organization needs, there are different types of planner pages available. When you think a planner, you usually think, weekly spreads to help you organize your daily activities. It can help with schedules but also keeping track of goals and timelines, or even trip itineraries. Planning a special day such as a wedding or party? Download some of the checklist templates to make your life so much easier.


  • Feel free to customize it and print it out

Do you want to maximize your use of the pages? Find multiple that suit your needs and have them organized in a binder to keep everything in one place. Or get creative! Print something like the weekly work-out schedule on a whiteboard material so you can reuse it week after week.

We know these planner pages will help you organize your life and put more free time back into your day. Now it’s just a matter of what you choose to do with that free time.


adminLife Just Got Easier with Fotor’s Planner

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