How to use online Tilt-shift

Today we are going to show you how to utilize Fotor’s Tilt-shift feature.

Tilt-shift is a useful feature that increases your image’s depth-of-field and transforms the objects in your photo by bringing them in or out of focus.

One area is accentuated and left clear while another area is blurred.  The clear area stands in stark contrast to the blurry part of the photo.

Generally Tilt-shift is is useful when you have a photo that has many elements that are similar or too busy and you need to accentuate a certain part.  An example might be a player in a crowded baseball stadium, a car in traffic, or as in the case below; a woman surrounded by books of a similar color.

So check it out down below:

This is a before and after shot using Fotor’s Tilt-shift feature.

Below is the Tilt-shift Toolbar.  If you are on the click on Basic Edits and then Tilt-shift.  On the left side you will see this Toolbar.  This is what each button does:


Circle/Line- choose the shape of your photo’s focus point.


Hide Lines-  hide the lines to see the effect on your photo.


Inradius/Exradius Size- adjust the size of of the part of

the photo that is in or out of focus.


Aperture Size- adjust the size of the aperture to control

the blurriness.


Step 1)


Step 2)

Step 3)


 Ands its all done!

We hope you found this online tilt shift feature useful and thanks again for using Fotor!
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