How to Take the Incredible Pictures of Your Doggie?

Dogs are humanity’s best friend and our most loyal companions. Do you plan to get pictures of your pet frolicking about? Today, Fotor is offering you 4 practical tips to capturing pets.

Personify Them

Before you shoot your cuddley-wuddley at home, maybe dress them up a bit; give them a cute little hat to wear and laugh at the whimsy! It makes it a lot more fun than following them around with a camera waiting for them to do something endearing.


PHOTO CREDIT TO @Astafyeva Ksenya

Capture Their Most Energetic Moments

Take along an SLR camera to capture them running and jumping. This is a great way to get their best side. Try squatting or lying prone to get the best angles of your snookum’s. Go outside and bathe them in natural light, but don’t forget to set your ISO higher if too dim or just set it to Auto and let the camera do the work well.


PHOTO CREDIT TO @Chiara Schulte

Woof! Woof! I am Lazy Star!!

Take photos of them when they’re sleepy or giving you those big, puppy-dog eyes. Leave off the flash so you don’t disturb them. If you’re using an SLR, switch to silent shutter mode so that you won’t disturb them.



Record Those Darnedest Looks

Photos with a dog’s expression are adored by so many people. So, when shooting your doggo, be aware of the expression on their face. Furthermore, you can add any cute fonts and adorable stickers to “decode” their feelings in a humorous way.


PHOTO CREDIT TO @wangzhihao


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