How to take great food photos and edit them [with examples]

These days, if you don’t share a photo of your meal, did you ever really eat it?

How many are guilty of sharing their favorite meals and treats through photography?

If you fall within this category of serial food photographers, this tutorial is for you! Today we will teach you how to take a successful food photo and edit it.

Firstly, we will introduce some tips about shooting.

  • Garnish and toppings:

Garnish is one of the most important things in making your meal photogenic. Add some garnish in your food in interesting and artistic way to ‘spice it up’ (excuse the pun).





  • Color and Contrast

Like all things, color and color composition are one of the most important factors in determining its aesthetic appeal. Many cuisines of the world deliberately make their food LOOK delicious to entice interest and build up to the flavor.





  • Different shooting angles
    • Focus on one thing

Emphasis in photography is everything, and when capturing your food shots, be sure to choose something in the foreground to act as the visual ‘anchor’ of the image. It will alter the perspective of everything else in the shot.





  • High angle shot

Taking shots from a higher angle allows you to include more, such as the atmosphere of the café or restaurant and accompanying drinks and decorations.






  • The food ‘selfie’

To inject movement and feeling into your food photos, you should include part of yourself to add character and emotion. This is a common tactic for professional food photographers.




Once you’ve taken the perfect food shot, you should become familiar with some of Fotor’s awesome filters to make that image perfect!

First, open Fotor edit and import you picture.




This pic is a little bit dark, so you should make some basic changes to the color, lighting and contrast via Fotor’s Basic Edits.




After this, choose a filter to bring out the desired image quality. In this example, the filter SUN-KISSED was used.





  • Use Stickers to make your pic more creative.




  • Use Collage to merge more than one pictures.





Now start your photo shooting with get inpired with Fotor!




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