How to enhance the ultimate portrait!


We all love portraits, but how do we make our portraits stand out above others? In this tutorial we’ll examine just a few steps in improving your portrait style photos, making them appear more finished and even humorous!


First, open your photo in Fotor and select ‘Beauty’ from the left hand panel. Then, add some make-up including (but not limited to) eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow, eye tint and a lot more!




Next, choose ‘Basic Edits’ and crop to make your photo into a square size (to suit as a portrait).






Open your photo in ‘Design’, choose a square size and use sticker to add some funny elements in your photo.






  • Use our pre-designed template to add some text to your portrait.


3-1 3-2


  • Use Collage to stick several photos together.


4-1 4-2


And there you have it! With Fotor you can make any portrait look amazing. By following these simple steps, you’ll not only have a great looking portrait clip, but also enjoy yourself while you do it!




adminHow to enhance the ultimate portrait!

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