Get ‘Blood Stickers’ You Need for This Halloween

Ever get the feeling someone is tracking you in the middle of the night? Feel the Halloween ghosts slowly creeping in? Vampires, werewolves and zombies are all coming to your house on Halloween night? The living and the dead, comingling.





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On this Halloween, Witches are cooking a devils potion in a cauldron, preparing for Halloween. Jack O’lantern’s are being lit with a candle in the window. Zombies are rising out of their graves in search of fresh meat. They spend so much time preparing to terrorize us, but we only have one night to capture it. Capturing the horror, or bringing it to our own photos, is what we are trying to do with our new stickers.




Turn your photo into a masterpiece with gothic eyes and bloody lips. Fotor has everything you need to bring out the horror of Halloween.




adminGet ‘Blood Stickers’ You Need for This Halloween

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