Fotor’s Biggest Give-away to Date!

I’m sure you’re all completely familiar with Fotor’s amazing mobile Events, right? If your’re not, download our app to enjoy the event now! There are so much for you to discover…

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Well, it’s with great pleasure and excitement that unveil the biggest Event yet, with a whopping $4000 worth of prizes up for grabs – including 6 incredible GoPro Cameras! But before jump on your mobile version and get posting, let us explain how we got here, and (more importantly) how you can benefit from it!




Beginning as an international photographic platform for competitions and for the collecting of inspirational images from around the globe, Fotor’s Events have evolved into a massive platform of prizes, promotion and creative excellence, displaying an exceptional quality of photographs from some of the world’s most talented photographers.


enter the world


The Events of recent months have seen a gradual increase in prizes and profit-shares as our platform continues to grow, culminating in a truly EPIC prize give-away. Now cooperating with the SCFAI (Sichuan Fine Arts Institute), Fotor has launched to massive new Events, celebrating college life and the transition to adulthood. ‘Enter the World’ and ‘Memories or Youth’ will allow all users to upload images reminiscent of their youth, education and transition into productive members of society.


memories of youth


With these concepts in mind, Fotor welcomes you to share your feelings and history with us. The prizes are awesome, the photos are exquisite and the app… well, it speaks for itself!


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    1. Kaitlin's evil twin

      You can’t. Fotor doesn’t want anyone to enter the contest or use their site. That’s why it keeps crashing and the app always force closes. If they cared they wouldn’t have replied to your comment. I care which is why I’m replying. I hope you win. Somehow. Some way. You can do it!

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