Fotor’s Cool Photo Effects

Fotor online photo editor includes six categories of amazing photo effects, which you can quickly, and easily search using 56 unique filters.  These filters offer different contrasts, twisted colors, and a noticeable vignette. These effects are designed by professional photographers.

Photo Effects Guide:

1. Open Fotor online photo editor
2. Choose “Effects” and select the photo effect you would like to apply (categories include: Classic, Lomo, Vintage, Cool, B&W and Funky)
3. Adjust the strength slider under the effect to achieve the desired results

Here are some examples down below of what our effects can do for your photos!

        The photo below is the original and has not been altered by any of our filters:

The selections below are a just a small sample of our many Photo Effects:

Choose from 6 categories of Photo Effects including 56 filters.  Good luck and thanks for using Fotor!

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