DIY Your Scary Good Halloween Invitations with Fotor

A lot of planning goes into Halloween parties. Picking a theme and deciding on a costume requires a lot of planning and preparation. You’ve done so much work to plan the perfect party, inviting people should be the easy part. Allow your creativity to come to life by creating your own, custom invitations on Fotor.

Decide on your theme

Whatever your party theme (maybe 90s movies, or Saturday Night Live, or horror), keep your invitation consistent. Choose graphics and fonts that complement your theme. If you’re stuck in the beginning, start with one of Fotor’s templates and input your information. From there, you can customize whatever you’d like.

style 1

style 2

style 3

Examples different theme and style Halloween event. All designed at Fotor.

How will you communicate your message?

Maybe you’re printing and mailing invitations, or maybe it’s as simple as a Facebook event. Fotor’s premade sizes and templates make it easy to find a place to start.

Facebook event cover screenshot

The screenshot of Fotor’s Halloween themed Facebook event cover template

Get creative!

Fotor does a lot of the creative planning for you. There are several Halloween-themed templates and stickers to choose from. These templates are a good starting point and the stickers can be used to enhance your own, original ideas. Not only are the templates and stickers custom made for you, they are available for whatever avenue you choose to communicate your message. Whether it’s a Facebook event, poster, Instagram post or something else, the Fotor templates are presized for you. Just open the template and start tweaking to whatever you’d like.

Planning the logistics of the invitation is one thing, but the fun comes in adding your own creativity into the text and graphics of your invitation. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.

  • Use a movie for inspiration. Pick a Halloween movie and make that the theme of your party and invitations. Maybe it’s a classic like Psycho. Make sure your invitation is completely black and white and use graphics that relate to the film – a knife, a motel, the screaming face of Janet Leigh, etc.

Halloween Movie

  • Hint at your costume. If you’re hosting a Halloween party, chances are that it’s a costume party. Encourage your guests to find the best costume (maybe even a prize for the best costume?) and hint at your own costume on the invitation. Fotor’s stickers might even help you with costume inspiration – a witch, bat, owl, or pumpkin perhaps?

costume hint

Can you find out the costume theme?

  • Make it a riddle. Have some fun with your party invitations. Figure out the theme of your Halloween party and only hint at it on your invitations. Party goers have to solve the riddle to fit in with the theme. It will be fun to see how people interpreted in the invitation.


Have you figured out the dressing code?

Fotor can do as much or as little as you’d like for your Halloween party invitations. The options are there to make it simple for you, but the ability to customize the templates. Whatever route you choose to go, above all else, have fun experimenting with the invitation designs.

Happy Halloween!


DaisyDIY Your Scary Good Halloween Invitations with Fotor

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