Seven Ways Fotor can help Decorate your Home for Thanksgiving

There is a feeling of accomplishment that comes along with completing your own DIY decorations. We have rounded up several of our favorite decorations to inspire you to decorate your home this Thanksgiving. Be sure to capture your own DIY projects and share them with us.

  • Making cards

Place cards: Make thanksgiving dinner more special by DIY place cards for each of your friend and family.




Invitation cards: Use your own DIY cards to invite your friends to come to Thanksgiving dinner. This can be done in Fotor’s design function which has many kinds of Thanksgiving templates; which are all customizable.




  • Candle Holder

Make special candle holders for Thanksgiving. Such as pumpkin candle holders, apple candle holders, or a glass container. You can also try using birch bark, cinnamon bark or yarn to wrap your candles and give them a Thanksgiving feel.





  • Thanksgiving Wreaths

A “Give Thanks” wreath sets a welcoming Thanksgiving tone at your front door. Decorate a homemade or purchase an evergreen wreath with roses, pine-cones, holly berries, champagne grapes and hydrangeas.





  • Bountiful tabletop

Create a beautiful table display that shows off the bounty of the season. Finish the look by arranging berries, pine-cones, gourds, branches and moss around the vases.




  • Dress-up ideas for kids

DIY turkey’s hats and costumes to make kids enjoy thanksgiving more!




  • DIY Thanksgiving EventCalendar

Design your own calendar with Fotor design feature. Plan a unique timetable for the holiday session and absolutely include thanksgiving as part of it. Use Fotor design feature, choose custom, re-size and choose a background or import your own photos. Add some stickers you like and some text to your pictures to plan your own event calendar.




  • Hanging decoration

You can import your own family or travel photos and use Fotor edit feature’s effects. Add some text to your photos and then print and hang pictures. It is really a memorable decoration and it is also a great way to share memories with your thanksgiving guests.




adminSeven Ways Fotor can help Decorate your Home for Thanksgiving

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  1. steve cook

    thanks for sharing the creativity with us … i like to make cards most of the time with most of the things in it i use glitters to decorate it and try to make it more attractive and beautiful always

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