5 Ways to take Thanksgiving Photographs of Children

There are so many important moments to capture while our children are growing up. Some of the most important memories are made around the holidays. We all remember the activities that we did around Thanksgiving while we were growing up; unfortunately for a lot of us, those memories were only captured in our minds. Luckily for us we have new ways to capture the memories of our children; with Fotor’s collages, templates, and stickers.

  • Take photos of the children making dinner. Dinner is not only one of the foundations of Thanksgiving; it also might be the only thing to get you to your in-laws house. Everyone knows lots of hard work and preparation go into the Thanksgiving meal. We all have fond memories of cooking with Grandma in the kitchen during Thanksgiving and the little chores asked of us. Capture the children working and having fun in the kitchen; peeling potatoes, mixing the gravy, dipping their little hands into the whipped cream, but most importantly, the children feeling like they are a big part of the all the work that went into Thanksgiving dinner.


Two little kid boys baking apple cake indoors


  • We all remember the kids table; and I have to admit that even though I wanted to sit with the adults as a kid, I would give anything to go back and sit in those tiny chairs. The kids table is a judgment free zone, where kids spend more time playing with their food than eating it. But there are so many cute and funny moments to be captured around that little table.


Little Girl Hugging Father Thanksgiving Celebration Concept


  • All kids love to dress up and pretend to be something. Thanksgiving is a perfect excuse for getting your children to wear cute clothes. Pilgrims and Indians are a classic costume and most outfits can be done at home. Letting the kids run around in the costumes is a great way for them to burn off the sugar while getting some great shots of the children at play. There are also tons of great ideas for baby photos during Thanksgiving such as dressing them up as a turkey and letting them sit in a large cooking pot.


A girl wearing a Thanksgiving turkey headdress


  • We all remember tracing a pencil around our hand to make the outline of a turkey, or all the different things you can do with a paper bag. Children love learning through making arts and crafts. Their little hands cutting construction paper, holding crayons, or squeezing a bottle of glue; it can all be messy work, but it is definitely not forgettable. Let the children be creative and knock out two birds with one stone by letting them create their very own costume this Thanksgiving.


Happy African American mother assisting her daughter in coloring.


  • Football has become a kind of trademark for Thanksgiving; with the tradition going back to 1920. Nowadays a family game of football is a tradition with many families across America. Capture the moment and mood of children running around, being competitive and having fun. Action shots are great during the game of football, but don’t forget to capture the small details such as the texture of the football.


I've got you now!


Thanksgiving seems to go just as quickly as it comes, so it is important not to forget to take a minute to snap some pictures. Fotor wants to help you make this year a memorable one. We provide all the design tools, templates, and features that will help you edit and share your Thanksgiving memories with your loved ones.






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