5 Tips for Photographing Children

Use these tips to help capture the beautiful images you want when you photograph children. It takes planning and so much more to capture that perfect shot.
  • Choose a Gorgeous Background
If you’re taking pictures of kids outdoors then you are going to want to put some thought into your backgrounds. Beautiful trees, bushes, and flowers can add some lovely backgrounds in the great outdoors.
  • Posing
Candid shots are better than posed shots. Let your kids do their thing. Don’t tell them how to pose, many best photos are of the unscripted moments.
  • Get down on their level 
Children will very unusual be half your height. So shoot from an adult’s perspective looking down on kids will leave you with boring looking shots. Get down on their level, make the camera level with their eyes or even slightly below, do this more and you’ll get much more intimate shots.
  • Get close
Sometimes, it is good to get close enough to the kids so you can emphasize their expressions or behaviors. In this situation, there is no more need to include their environment.
  • Shoot in burst mode
Do not make kids do anything when taking photos of them. The child is in charge and will run the session, so the sooner you accept that the more fun you’ll both have. Switch your camera into burst mode, and shoot a lot of photos, then you can choose the best one afterward.


Daisy5 Tips for Photographing Children

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