2015 – Best of Instagram

The New Year has already kicked off to an amazing start here at Fotor, but before we make the final plunge into this exciting new time, let’s look at some of our most popular Instagram posts of 2015.

1st: 1498 likes from HFK




Both semi-surreal and intriguing, this reflection piece was the highest rated Instagram entry of 2015 – for good reason.

2nd: 1446 likes from an anonymous Fotorian




A simple ‘almost macro’ photograph of a Siamese fighting fish can easily be confused for an exquisite flower. Due to its simplicity and form, it is the second most popular.

3rd: 1402 likes from joao_carlos_centi




Proving that reflection photography is popular over Instagram, the third highest piece was a grey scale, still photo.

4th: 1400 likes from lebidulonduminecraft




Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that pictures of cats and dogs make up the lion’s share on reposted social media. The fourth most popular entry is no exception to this.

5th: 1269 likes from an anonymous Fotorian




Sentimentality is never lost un us here at Fotor. Simple and moving, this image made its way to number five on our most popular list.

6th: 1248 likes from an anonymous Fotorian




The almost unreal crystaline blue of Jiuzhaigou’s rivers and lakes saw this post reach number six on our list – simply stunning.

7th: 1239 likes from an anonymous Fotorian




A scene from ‘Blade Runner’? Not quite. This night shot of Hong Kong evokes imagery of a futuristic mega-city, it earned its place at lucky number seven.

8th: 1209 likes from airtafu




The Feris wheel with a striking orange backdrop took the place of number eight in Fotor’s instagram popularity.

9th: 1197 likes from kiku0509micha




A street shot with ‘upward perspective’, this shot incorporates urban photography and light play. It’s sits at nineth place in our top ten.

10th: 1182 likes from photoaleks




With two horses in the foreground this image takes the tenth place, demonstrating that animal lovers on Instagram are definetly a significant presence.


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We hope you enjoyed our Instagram feed for 2015. Rest assured there’s only going to be more delightful photos for 2016!

Stay tuned and stay creative, guys!





admin2015 – Best of Instagram

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